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Master Lock, the worldwide leader in portable security products, continues to set the standard for quality and selection. Building on this tradition, Master Lock ProSeries® and Commercial padlocks can be customized to meet your specific needs. Our make-to-order capabilities allow us to create tailored security solutions for your applications. Choose the best width, material, shackle diameter and length, product weatherability, as well as multiple keying options or laser engraving to secure your property.

键控安全& Capacity

  • 键控安全and Capacity
  • 键控安全


    Keying security includes both (a) the security designed into the padlock's cylinder and operating key, and (b) the way in which the product is supplied to the marketplace. Master Lock stands alone among padlock suppliers in both categories of keying security:

    • Master Lock provides the largest range of tight-tolerance cylinders and keys that vastly eliminate unwanted key interchange. This will better ensure that one employee's key will not be able to inadvertently open a second lock.
    • yaboapp官网主锁提供关键控制服务,图表和保留的系统,所有这些系统都保证了贵公司的挂锁系统在关键诚信中保持最大限度,即使您正在重新排序挂锁年复一年。这意味着可以指定订购的附加挂锁以通过不同的键操作,如果是您的要求。


    所有气缸都具有限制可以提供的变化键的数量。请注意,只要kd挂锁从开放库存提供,就存在两个或多个提供的锁将具有相同的操作键。重叠的这种可能性随着额外的非绘制而增加(见Charting Service)股票收到的订单。kn是很重要的ow the key change limits of the padlocks you are considering for your security system. If the supplier does not, or can not, provide this information, the integrity of your keying system may be suspect.


  • 键入不同的图表
  • Keyed Different (KD)

    Each lock is opened by its own unique key that does not open any other lock in the set.


  • Keyed Alike Diagram
  • Keyed Alike (KA)


  • Master Keyed
  • Master Keyed (MK)

    In aMaster Keyed system, a master key opens all the locks in the system although each lock also has its own unique key. This permits organizing master key systems along departmental or other functional lines to allow supervisory or emergency access.

    MK in the product number designates that the products will be Master Keyed.


  • Rekeyable Padlocks
  • Rekeyable Padlocks

    The cylinder in rekeyable padlocks can be removed in order to (a) change the pinning or (b) replace the original cylinder with a new one, restoring security quickly and economically. This is ideal for situations where keys are lost or stolen. Products with this option can be identified by "rekeyable" in the item description.Rekeyable padlocksare available Keyed Different, Keyed Alike, or Master Keyed.

    • 快速恢复安全 - 应丢失钥匙或员工营业额会损害您的挂锁系统
    • Save money – replace cylinders instead of locks
    • Master Lock offers (8) rekeyable padlock cylinders
  • Interchangeable Core Locks
  • Interchangeable Core Locks

    可互换的核心挂锁和门锁不需要拆卸以改变气缸。图-8可互换的核心(IC)can be removed and replaced with a single control key.


    • 在丢失或被盗时防止访问
    • Resetting individual doors or gates with different locks to selectively limit access to authorized personnel
    • Re-securing a building after temporary or contract employees end their term
    • Securing a building against terminated employees
    Interchangeable Keyways

    主锁各种yaboapp官网圆柱体包括16个不同的键槽,可与最佳®,猎鹰和其他人匹配现有的曲线。气瓶,ProSeries®挂锁 - 固体钢,纯黄铜,固体铝,天气强硬®和高安全罩罩,带圆柱和门窗的榫眼或边缘气缸都提供。

  • Door Key Compatible Padlocks
  • Door Key Compatible Padlocks


    主锁各种yaboapp官网各样的Door Key Compatible Padlocks意味着相同的键也可以打开所有设施的挂锁和门锁。最受欢迎的门键可以与完整的主锁和美国锁挂锁相匹配。yaboapp官网结果是更大的设施方便和关键控制,加上主锁安全性的全强度。yaboapp官网

Master Keyed Systems

Master Lock offers the service of designing either a new or adding to an existing Master Key System for your organization.


In order to maximize the scope and flexibility of a new system, please evaluate your current and future organizational needs.



Design a Master Key System


  • Assorted Master Lock Keys, cut and zero bitted
  • 钥匙&键

    Master Lock and American Lock padlocks use a variety of keys and keyways. Keys are available both cut and blank. A diagram of the keys and keyways is available to identify the match to your padlock. Download the Keys & Keyways Chart from theyaboapp官网主锁技术手册



    Download theBitting规范chart from the Master Lock Technical Manual.

Edge® Key Control

  • EDGE®关键控制系统logo and keysEDGE®关键控制系统


    The Edge® system is available across the broad line of Master Lock® and American Lock® padlocks. An affordable key control solution, available for about US $10 additional per lock, Edge® provides total control & protection while offering a convenient single key system.



  • 新!激光雕刻锁箱。

    Available on the 5400LZ and 5422LZ Engraved Lock Boxes, the new laser engraving service offers customizability and advanced branding options, giving companies a simple way to promote their business and provide contact information anytime, anywhere.

  • 激光雕刻锁箱
  • Laser Engraving is available on most Master Lock and American Lock aluminum, brass, stainless steel and ProSeries® padlocks. Engraving options include logos and characters (numbers, letters and symbols) for safety lockout purposes, employee/locker identification or company or institutional/school branding. Hard stamping is also available.

  • Laser Engraving and Custom Marking


  • American Lock
  • yaboapp官网主锁和美式锁提供各种卸扣选项,包括额外长度和各种材料的卸扣,包括硬化硼合金,黄铜和不锈钢。

    卸扣材料 Corrosion Resistance Cut Resistance*
    Steel 优秀的 优秀的
    Stainless Steel 优越 优秀的
    硬化钢 优秀的 优秀的
    黄铜 优越 Good
    Boron Alloy 优秀的 优越
    八角形硼合金 优秀的 优越
    *Cut resistance varies based on thickness of shackle

    Shackle accessories are available as well including shackle collars, and chain attachments.