Model No. 1502GLD

Model No. 1502GLD

1-7 / 8英寸(48mm)一般安全组合挂锁,带金色表盘

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  • 金子metal dial for school spirit, style and added security. Dial colors available include - Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Grey, Gold, and Black
  • 专利防喷器®防填隙片技术能够经受住破坏闩锁机制的企图
  • Includes combination chart to facilitate lock system administration
  • 1-7/8in(48mm)宽双加强不锈钢阀体,可承受滥用
  • 3./4in (19mm) tall, hardened steel shackle for extra cut resistance
  • Easy 3-number dialing with automatic scrambling feature to prevent reopening of lock
  • Optional customized dials, locks sold in groups of combinations, and back case printing- see Catalog for details
  • 对于监控键控制选项,请考虑型号1525


1502yaboapp官网GLD 3位组合挂锁的主锁具有许多增强的安全功能,如独有的BlockGuard®防填隙技术、硬化钢卸扣和双加强不锈钢外壳。专为适合锁眼直径至少为5/16英寸(8毫米)的储物柜而设计,这些锁提供多种定制选项以满足您的需要。


  • 产品编号1502Gld.
  • 说明Not Keyed, Commercial Boxed Packaging
  • 列表价格7.91美元
  • 大师纸盒数量25.
  • 车身宽度1-7/8in (48mm)
  • Shackle DimensionsA:9/32in (7mm) B: 3/4in (19mm) C: 13/16in (21mm)
  • 颜色金子
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  • 我忘记了与我的标准拨号组合锁定的组合。如何获得个人使用的组合?
  • 当我的锁定在我的储物柜,自行车,机柜等时,我如何获得丢失的组合?